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Hi Gary here is that link for those template packages we talked about
I was surprised by the quality and all the goodies included
there are 2 cheap responsive templates packages on offer at the moment
I bought the first package, I like the unlimited use. No I cant give you a copy 🙂
1.  $24 US – 38 templates unlimited use
2.  $10 US – 10 templates single use only

Sign up for free and check out the templates

Mighty Deals Website

search for responsive template
make a back up of any files you download and work off copy’s…

you can open up the HTML to see how they solve the problem of mobiles and desktops.
we can work through the coding when you make up  your mind about what you want
make a list of your questions, and print out the code sections your interested and come
on over some night
cheers Ray